Without partnering with big brands or receiving sponsorships from well-established organizations, motorsport racing and other sports events, would be but a dream. It takes a lot of money to get the cars and drivers ready for the events, and an equally big chunk to prepare the tracks, advertise the events and organize the parties, shows, and everything that goes into each event. Without this money, events would be almost impossible to organize and would lack the pomp and glamor to which the fans have become accustomed. Let’s look at some of the big sponsorships in motorsport racing:

Formula One

As the biggest single-seater race event in the world, F1 attracts many sponsors, including:


This leading Saudi energy and chemicals company has put a lot of work into researching energy technologies to benefit F1 drivers and other fuel users worldwide. Building a sustainable and reliable brand helps pave the way for more mobile technology, and partnering with F1 helps propel this sustainable fuel growth. The global partner rights will cost it tween $40 million and $45 million a year from 2020 to 2029.



With the growth of online betting, it makes sense that a bookie would put their money in the game to attract even more punters. 188Bet’s announcement to work with F1 was a welcome one, seeing as this site has regulation from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. As an operator with a wide range of markets from motorsports to eSports down to casino games, it has a massive following and is beneficial to the growth of F1. The partnership will also see 188Branding feature on F1 broadcasts in the Asian market, thus furthering the bookie’s reach. The deal, reported to have cost $100 million, will last from 2020 to 2024.



With physical and virtual spaces merging over time, adding video conferencing software to the mix is the right step for F1. Its partnership with Zoom will enable motorsport broadcasting to continue virtually even after the COVID pandemic has come to a hopeful end. With the Paddock Club in play, it will be possible for guests to use the special rooms for business transactions. The partnership comes after a short collaboration between F1 and Zoom in 2020, whose success fueled the multi-year partnership.

Other sponsors include DHL, Emirates, Heineken, Irelli, Rolex, Amazon Web Services, Ferrari, LIQUI MOLY, workday, Drive Coffee, Herjavec Group, and FANATEC.



As an equally popular sport, NASCAR has also bagged amazing sponsorships over the years.



This beverage company has a running contract with e-NASCAR, the e-sports equivalent of NASCAR racing, prompting the iRacing Series, of which it is the main sponsor. Coca-Cola hopes to reap from the e-sport growing popularity which will help it market its products to even more fans. With e-sport ad revenues totaling more than $200 million in the USA, it’s easy to see why such a deal would be lucrative to this beverage giant.



This beer producer has a long-standing history with NASCAR, having sponsored it back in the 80s. It took a break from being a title sponsor back in 2007, paving the way for Nationwide Insurance to take over. It’s now back with a bang and has rolled out several deals with NASCAR, including the $13 million invested each year into Harvick’s car. Plus, it also sponsors two qualifying races in the Daytona 500.



Yet another premier partner with NASCAR is this brand which attests to massive growth following its previous partnership with NASCAR. As it shows off its products and services to fans across the globe, it has also made it easier for NASCAR to meet its goals. In the past, the two have partnered in the series ‘where names are made,’ heightened the excitement around elimination playoffs, and even made the Dash 4 Cash program reach more people. By using its video, stream app, and internet, more fans can access NASCAR events.

NASCAR has made it clear that it aims to have three to five premier partners for each season. And with Xfinity, Coca-Cola, Busch, and GEICO making the list, it has a great push to keep it going.

Other key sponsors include Amazon Web Services, BetMGM, Axalta, Blue-Emu, Mobil 1, MACK, and Monster Energy.

MotoGP also has an amazing lineup of sponsors, including 888Casino, which is one of the most known bookies on the market. Both the event organizers and sponsors gain a lot from these deals, and it’s always interesting to see what partnerships will grace the next season.