Hello guys, Ryan here!

First off, welcome to my blog. Saying that I am excited to have you here as I embark on my new journey is an understatement. I’ve spent most of my life waiting for this moment, which sounds like a cliché, only that it’s the best way to describe what lies ahead.

My site will be all about adrenaline rushes, overtakes, falling off and everything else encompassed in motorsports. As an avid motorsports fan who does not discriminate between any of the old-timey sports and the new entrants in the scene, I live to see the action on and off the tracks.

Whether it’s a new sponsorship deal between NASCAR and a huge brand, or a team’s stats on winning a series down to which drivers have made the most headway, I cover it all. My ears are on the ground, my eyes are on the screen, and most importantly, my heart is with the drivers. And yes, I also love MotoGP! I believe that each motorsport has a lot to offer the fans, and I would not want to limit myself to just one sport. After all, when someone hands you a candy bag, do you only pick one type? Nah, I’m the person who takes the green ones, oval ones, blue ones, some I’ve never seen, and some that may make me sick. It’s the whole bag for me, and with motorsports, I have the same appetite.

Over to you, my audience! I’ve been following F1 since I was a baby, and again this might seem far-fetched, but really, I did. My father would perch me on his chair, and together, we would watch the cars make their way to the finish line. Back then, I didn’t even play with cars, even if my twin was all about toy cars. I was the kid who ran around with scissors in one hand, but that’s a story for another day. Fast forward, my brother took up medicine, and I did Accounting before finally finding myself engulfed by an overwhelming sense of satisfaction every time I heard an engine rev. Soon, I was the one screaming at the television when a driver lagged by a second or hiding my face in my hands towards the finish line. Even my father could not believe the switch as my brother sat back, head buried in his books, while I inched closer to the screen, odds and whatnots in hand.

I know a lot about motorsports, and if you get me started on a related topic, I will keep going for minutes to hours on end. My brother once remarked, ‘well, why don’t you write a book about it!’ He’s not the sarcastic type, so I took his advice, and instead of writing a book, I decided to start a website where I can share all my insights on motorsport racing, debunk common myths, and here’s the bonus, show you where and how to place wagers. Trust me; seeing your favorite driver cross the finish line on the way to the podium is much more rewarding when you’ve got a bet on their win!

As we move forward, I’ll help you navigate the world of motorsports racing as I share some tips my old man has given me over the years.