It’s one thing to scream and holler when your favorite driver crosses the finish line first, giving you the satisfaction of having backed the right driver. As you pat yourself on the back and adopt a saunter in your walk, much to the chagrin of other fans, it feels good. But do you know what feels better? Having some money to top your hunch! Suppose you bet $10 that your preferred driver will win, and you get $50 when he does. Can you imagine how exciting that would be? Let’s look at some sites that enable you to make races even more hair-raising:

Where can you bet?

Luckily for you, motorsport betting is not new, and many bookies provide a wide range of markets for this sport. You can try your luck at:

William Hill

It’s not often that an old player maintains its position with newcomers coming onto the scene with new tricks. However, William Hill has held strong, moved with the times, and is a testament to businesses that last through the centuries. Instead of focusing on F1 and the top-tier sports, this bookie also offers a wide range of other markets. Thus, whether you’re into the most popular options such as NASCAR or want to try less-known sports, you’ll have a bevy of choices at your disposal. Plus, the site has good odds and continuing offers for both new and loyal customers.



For an older bookie that has been around almost as long or even longer than some motorsports, this site covers more events than its competitors. Not only can you wager on F1, but you also get to play on other markets such as Moto GP and even slightly less-known sports. This variety, coupled with the great odds, makes it a great choice for punters who want to get the most value for their money.



In this age of digital currencies and paperless transactions, it makes sense to gravitate towards sites that embrace such technologies. This bookie not only accepts credit cards but also processes digital currencies while guaranteeing timely payments on each. Plus, it’s accessible on both mobile and desktop and covers major motorsport events throughout the year. Anytime you want to place a wager, you’ll have access right at your fingertips.


Sports Betting

For more digital currency and credit card payments with fast payouts, consider this bookie with competitive odds and generous bonuses tailored to motorsport events. Whether you’re dealing with F1, NASCAR, or MotoGP, you can get a competitive rate as well as a wide range of markets.



With more than a decade in the industry, this bookie has amassed quite many punters who continue to trust it for good customer services, a vast array of markets, and great odds. Additionally, it offers motorsport betting, and anyone into F1 will not lack an opportunity to try something new now and then. Other motorsport markets are not as diverse, but they should be enough to help you make some quick bucks.



Here’s another bookie with a strong standing in the punter community. With frequent bonuses, promotions and rewards set out to help punters make even better returns from their wagers; this bookie has great customer feedback. To make the deal even sweeter, this bookie offers rewards tailored to the racing markets, making it easier to utilize them. Other sites tend to be general with their rewards, and this ambiguity gets in the way of fully reaping the bonuses. Other than great rewards, you will also enjoy the competitive odds listed on this site as well as the range in markets.

Other good choices include TonyBet, Unibet, LeoVegas, EnergyBet, SportNation, MansionBet, and LeoVegas. When choosing any site, have your eye on its reputation, betting markets, customer experience, payment methods, bonuses, and accessibility. With this homework out of the way, you’re sure to find a good option that helps you take your motorsport love to another level.


What bets can you make?

More often than not, the first bet that comes to mind is who will win the race. You pick a driver and cross your fingers, hoping you made the right choice. But there are so many more picks you can make. Some markets include:

  • Props: These are side bets that don’t affect the outcome of the race. Take the example of the fastest lap. There are many of these bets, with some seeming outlandish. But if you’re one to veer from the norm, these would interest you.
  • Winning Margin: The time difference between the first and second drivers, in most cases, is quite small. To place this wager, you need to determine where the margin will fall, understanding that it could be as minor as a fraction of a second. If you guess right, you will be well on your way to a good sum at the end of the race.
  • Head-to-Head Winner: This bet is also known as the driver matchup, where you pick two drivers and decide which one of them will place higher than the other in the finish. It’s simple, and if you understand the drivers’ performance in the past events, you can make good money and make the wagering even more exciting.
  • Top 6 Finish: Ever looked at a lineup and figured that some drivers have higher chances of finishing among the top 6? It’s time you put your gauging to the test! Choose a driver you think will make it to this category, select a wager amount, and hope you’re right. Often, the odds on this are low, and you’ll only turn a good profit if you choose a less favorite option or pick a high wager amount.
  • Podium Finish: If you want to make better money from your hunch, how about betting on your driver making it to the top three? That’s the only way they get to the podium for the champagne splashing and photo ops. Do you believe in your choice? Are you willing to take the chance? Take it anyway!
  • Fastest Qualifier/ Pole Position: In this case, you decide who will qualify in the quickest time. Usually, racing events start with some laps, after which it becomes clear who will start at the front of the grid for the main race. If you’re good at assessing the conditions and gauging how fast the cars will move, this would be a great place to wager your money.
  • Here’s a betting tip: research everything from the car to the driver to the track to avoid making wagers on pure hunches. All the best!