Motorsports combine thrill, speed, adventure, world travel, fashion, celebrity appearances and parties, giving their fans something to look forward to at every turn. Over the years, more motorsports have come into the scene, though some seem to carry more weight than others. Let’s look at the most popular options and what makes them so unique:

Formula 1

Even people who hardly know a thing about motorsports have heard of Formula 1, often abbreviated as F1. It ranks as the top option for single-seater racing across the globe and always has something new to offer its fans. As the vehicles make their way around the tracks at top speeds, fueling the adrenaline in the drivers and the fans, people also get a good look at the cars. While they may look similar, there’s always something that sets one car apart from the rest. Whether it’s the chassis or the engine, these cars have an extra oomph to help the drivers speed along the tracks.

Real racing happens in F1 events, and while the overtakes are not as spectacular as those in NASCAR, there’s a lot to say about a driver slowly closing in on the gap between them and the competition. As the mileage increases, it becomes easier to see who may win, but there’s often a surprise at the end.



People who want to spend the whole race on the edges of their seat often go for NASCAR, which is far more exciting than F1. Having come into the scene in 1948, it’s not new in the motorsports world and has amassed many fans over the years. Each year, fans get treated to three major series: the NASCAR Cup, Xfinity and Gander RV & Outdoor Truck series. Unlike F1, where the cars look similar but have different structural components, it’s quite the opposite in NASCAR. At first glance, the cars look very different, but their abilities are pretty much the same, making the races even more exciting.

With mounting competition, lots of falling off and passing, this motorsport takes the lead regarding thrill levels. While some people have raised concerns about the safety of this racing, it turns out that it’s much safer than the other stereotypically safe racing events. If you want to get even more adrenaline, try and watch the racing live and as you experience the tension among the fans, your exhilaration will only heighten.



Now, let’s look at what two-wheeler racing brings to the table. For people who are all about bikes and riding off-road, navigating obstacles and making high jumps that make the crowd gasp, this is an event not to miss. It comes in four classes: Moto2, MotoE, Moto3 and the Moto Grand Prix. Additionally, it has several events in any given year.

Here’s what sets it apart from its counterparts: once the race starts, the adrenaline rush lasts till the end. With other events, the excitement kind of dies down towards the middle before peaking again towards the finish line. But with motorbike racing, every second counts. Within one second, number two could have moved two positions behind, and by the time they get to the final corner, they could have bumped up to first place or fell behind even more. It’s fast and furious, and every moment is one for the books. If you’re after racing rather than parade laps that seem to last forever, here’s one for you.


Drag Racing

With most events, rules lead the way, and this can be a bit boring for people who love colouring outside the lines. Drag racing brings in a new element by toning down on the rules and amping the excitement. The setup is quite simple: two or more cars or bikes race to get to the finish line first. As the drivers speed their way down the quarter or eighth-mile strip, the only goal is to make it across the line first. Often, these events feature elimination stages such that drivers go at it until only one driver is left standing.

These races are packed with excitement and often encourage even non-professional drivers to try drag racing at some point. Don’t be surprised if someone eyeballs you at the traffic lights next time before taking off at full speed, somewhat challenging you. For your safety, please don’t do any street drag racing unless the authorities sanction it.


Figure 8

Do you need more excitement? Here’s a race that will have you crossing your fingers and curling your toes. It takes place on a self-intersecting dirt road, making the risk of collision relatively high. While it’s not the safest sport in the industry, deaths are pretty rare. As you sit and watch the races and probably make a few wagers, your adrenaline rush will be on another level.

Other examples include dirt track racing, kart racing, Indianapolis 500, Bathurst 1000 and monster truck racing. Try out the different options and watch how you respond to each, gauging how much you enjoy them. For more excitement, put some money on the line!